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College Guidance

1.  Expert consulting sessions with Ivy League Consulting Team

  • Expert information sessions introducing the U.S. college life and the general application procedures

  • Professional Awards and Extracurricular advice

  • Interview Training sessions with interview experts

  • Professional Student Major Consultation sessions

  • Professional consultation sessions to assist in determining Final Matriculating College

  • Overseas Survival English Training Sessions

  • Special lecture sessions on American culture

  • Extracurricular Improvement Consulting sessions

  • In-advance Essay ideas brainstorming sessions

2.  Brainstorming sessions with Ivy League Consulting Team

3.  Main Essay and Supplementary Essay Assistance and Editing for 8 Schools


4.  Extracurricular Activities and Awards Section Review and Editing Assistance

5.  Professional Student Major Selection Assessment

> Through the exclusive LISMA Major Assessment with report of test result issued

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